Commission in progress

I've been working on a commission- a house/cat portrait combo.  At this stage in the painting, I have the framework of the house and yard completed.  I am concentrating on the details that will give this painting its personality.  I recently added the mockingbirds, squirrel and ladybug.  There is a lot of commotion going on around the cat, who remains stoic.  

Hard working artist hard at work.

This grid painting is for my show in Artspace's lobby in April. This Saturday it went through a few compositional changes . A cow had broken through the grid, but I restored order by bringing the grid back. Sorry cow!The commission I'm working on- tidying up the house a bit, I mixed a new awesome yellow. I'm mainly trying to get the cat right now, his face is smiling in this picture but ultimately he'll have a more serious expression.

Let 'em work, let 'em live.

This is a new commission I'm working on. It's a combo house/ pet portrait featuring a historic bungalow. I love the rythym and symmetry in the proportions of historic architecture. They create an innate balance in the composition of the painting. The geometric shapes are a framework for more abstract color brushwork.
Here are some small ones in progress. Tigerfish is a brand new character.
Gerbil on TV, a dog with wavy ears, business elephant, ladybug, piranha and rhinos. Not random at all....
Snail cat ladybug. Owl Flying Pig Dog. Painting stack.
And another painting stack.
Wide angle.

You are now watching Gerbil TV.

Rough beginning of a gerbil on TV. I think he wants out.
A commission I'm working on of someone's cute dog. He's got crazy eyes...
Ladybug and mug, small ones in progress.

Some more small ones I just started...
A tiny quilted grid series in the works.
Seamus looks like he's reaching for the mug sitting on the table.
Another commission just about finised- Angry Squirrel.

"Oooh Oooh Son" finished, Small and cute, Commission Madness round #2.

Oooh Oooh Son, finished! I took this picture on Artspace's exterior wall, it shows brighter out here in the sunlight.
I've been working on some more small ones, some inspired by larger works. If I made 48 of these and glued them together, it would be like my Oooh Oooh Son.

One of the commissions I'm working on right now- Novio- a dog with an incredibly long tongue.

Commission Mania, Marbles Residency,and a big painting almost almost finished.

Commissions-I'm happy that a lot of people got Norval paintings under the tree this season, it means I've been busy in the studio. Commissioned work ranged from large to small this year and I enjoyed every minute of painting them. Now that I've met the big deadline, I can breath a sigh of relief.

Marbles Residency-
I had the privilage this December of doing a residency at Marbles Kids Museum. I spent two weeks painting and creating with the little ones, and it was a blast. Such creative minds at work! My daughter, Ingrid, also enjoyed helping out at her favorite place to play. From painting wooden boxes, to creating animals out of tape, to painting huge canvases together, we did it all. It was a real highlight of 2011 for me.

LARGE canvas almost done!!

Here's some detail shots from my newest large painting yet to be titled. I wanted to show lots of action and bright colors. It's part of my quilted grid series.

A small grouping that's up right now in the studio, on top a board meeting, below a commissioned painting for a couple flanked by Nugget and Square dog.
Everyone have a happy new year! 2012- the year for art!!!

Brightening the corners

With so much room on a large canvas, there's a spot for everyone. This painting has a few more layers of color and is beginning to take shape. It's a place for all the characters to come together and mingle.

And some detail shots-

Our house-

Some little paintings chilling next to our ever expanding pile of dried paint.

Surprise and dread, more floating heads

The newest floating heads painting. I built this panel from salvaged wood because I sometimes like to paint on textured surfaces. I'm starting to build the color up, but this painting still has a ways to go. The cat is filled with dread and the pig looks surprised. It must be something the chicken said. Also some smaller canvases in progress. I'm getting ready to stretch a HUGE canvas this week...... details to come.

What's for dinner?

Here I have introduced my new owl painting into the pack. It looks like he's being accepted by the alpha. Monkey boardroom meeting enjoys sharing a wall with the rabbit tv. Bug and slug, though yet unfinished, hold their own with the big boys.

My craziest squirrel painting yet.
Almost done and wondering about their place in the pack.

Little paintings are kept separate from the bigger ones while still in progress for their own safety.

Animal heads of summer

A sketch can happen anywhere, in my sketchbook or sometimes on a random scrap of paper. It's a great way to loosen up and get some ideas down quickly.
This is a painting I'm working on now. After playing with my images in my sketchbook and drawing a few different compositions, I can decide on what will make a good painting. I had a lot of fun this past week teaching my big animal sculpture class at Artspace. The kids I was working with were very creative and stayed focused. The results were astounding! Thanks to my helpers, Rebecca and Beth.
I made this elephant several years ago as a demo for the big animal sculpture class. This year he got a makeover.
This is the bunny head that was my demo for the class this year.

Inspiration from my brain.

This is a commission for longtime Norval collectors Tristan and Andrea in Durham. It's their dog- I'm pretty much done with it, just putting in a few final touches. The lion and the skull are part of a larger series of small paintings I'm working on.
Here is a smaller version of the "Honeymoon in Niagara Falls" painting, this time on canvas instead of reclaimed wood. Texture is building.

A new idea provided to me by my daughter, Ingrid. Welcome to the Slug and Bug series.

LA- here we come!

New painting in the works- Donald Trunk. Thanks Lee!
The pile of paint thickens on the palette.........
New small paintings in the works.
Give me my coffee!!!!!!!
Thanks to mega fan Nick Smith. He just bought both paintings- Don't Squeal McNeil, and Wrong on Math Test. I've shipped them to him in LA. Bye paintings- enjoy your new life on the west coast!!

New Owl, Cards, Trash can, and Transit Station!

This is my newest owl painting, just finished yesterday. I started painting this one the day after I had watched a documentary about Paul Klee. Klee has always been an inspiration to me, and studying his work in depth really made me want to paint.

Be on the lookout for our new greeting cards. We had rubber stamps made of some of our images and are using them to create fun cards for any occasion. They are available in our studio, in Artspace's gift shop in the lobby, and soon to be at Designbox. Also, they may appear on etsy evenually.

86 it trash can is complete. Be among the first to use it at Artsplosure downtown this weekend. Oh, and while you're downtown, make sure to visit Artspace studio #220, we'll be there Saturday and Sunday.

What is Ingrid pointing at??? She's looking up to see my art at the brand new Raleigh transit center. It's a pretty spectacular building, worth checking out.
The art they used originally appeared on a CAT bus. They saved the image and had it made into a huge hanging artwork that's visible from the street through the glass.

Mural Completed!

My mural in Artspace's connecting gallery is done! I had a lot of fun with this project. There is definitely something gratifying about working on such a large scale. Come by and see it!