Too Big to Fail

I decided to make a painting larger than I ever have before.  I have a show coming up in Rocky Mount at the Imperial Center in September.  It's an open space that needs something large.  Also they will handle transporting the work from Raleigh.  

Building the canvas.
I think I look like my dad in this photo.

Gesso the canvas.

Help from the young artist.

Unplanned chaos or make it up as you go

Now for the fun part

Painting tower of Pisa

When I am working on several small animal paintings, I like to stack them on the easel.  All the colors on my palette at the time will end up on each painting so they harmonize.  

My young student had the great idea of creating a ninja elephant character.  I made one too.

Business Rhino feeling very frazzled.

Slug is peaceful.

New paintings waiting to be finished!

An interesting pair together.

Hard working artist hard at work.

This grid painting is for my show in Artspace's lobby in April. This Saturday it went through a few compositional changes . A cow had broken through the grid, but I restored order by bringing the grid back. Sorry cow!The commission I'm working on- tidying up the house a bit, I mixed a new awesome yellow. I'm mainly trying to get the cat right now, his face is smiling in this picture but ultimately he'll have a more serious expression.