Too Big to Fail

I decided to make a painting larger than I ever have before.  I have a show coming up in Rocky Mount at the Imperial Center in September.  It's an open space that needs something large.  Also they will handle transporting the work from Raleigh.  

Building the canvas.
I think I look like my dad in this photo.

Gesso the canvas.

Help from the young artist.

Unplanned chaos or make it up as you go

Now for the fun part

Commission Mania, Marbles Residency,and a big painting almost almost finished.

Commissions-I'm happy that a lot of people got Norval paintings under the tree this season, it means I've been busy in the studio. Commissioned work ranged from large to small this year and I enjoyed every minute of painting them. Now that I've met the big deadline, I can breath a sigh of relief.

Marbles Residency-
I had the privilage this December of doing a residency at Marbles Kids Museum. I spent two weeks painting and creating with the little ones, and it was a blast. Such creative minds at work! My daughter, Ingrid, also enjoyed helping out at her favorite place to play. From painting wooden boxes, to creating animals out of tape, to painting huge canvases together, we did it all. It was a real highlight of 2011 for me.

LARGE canvas almost done!!

Here's some detail shots from my newest large painting yet to be titled. I wanted to show lots of action and bright colors. It's part of my quilted grid series.

A small grouping that's up right now in the studio, on top a board meeting, below a commissioned painting for a couple flanked by Nugget and Square dog.
Everyone have a happy new year! 2012- the year for art!!!

Brightening the corners

With so much room on a large canvas, there's a spot for everyone. This painting has a few more layers of color and is beginning to take shape. It's a place for all the characters to come together and mingle.

And some detail shots-

Our house-

Some little paintings chilling next to our ever expanding pile of dried paint.