Too Big to Fail

I decided to make a painting larger than I ever have before.  I have a show coming up in Rocky Mount at the Imperial Center in September.  It's an open space that needs something large.  Also they will handle transporting the work from Raleigh.  

Building the canvas.
I think I look like my dad in this photo.

Gesso the canvas.

Help from the young artist.

Unplanned chaos or make it up as you go

Now for the fun part

You are now watching Gerbil TV.

Rough beginning of a gerbil on TV. I think he wants out.
A commission I'm working on of someone's cute dog. He's got crazy eyes...
Ladybug and mug, small ones in progress.

Some more small ones I just started...
A tiny quilted grid series in the works.
Seamus looks like he's reaching for the mug sitting on the table.
Another commission just about finised- Angry Squirrel.

Animal heads of summer

A sketch can happen anywhere, in my sketchbook or sometimes on a random scrap of paper. It's a great way to loosen up and get some ideas down quickly.
This is a painting I'm working on now. After playing with my images in my sketchbook and drawing a few different compositions, I can decide on what will make a good painting. I had a lot of fun this past week teaching my big animal sculpture class at Artspace. The kids I was working with were very creative and stayed focused. The results were astounding! Thanks to my helpers, Rebecca and Beth.
I made this elephant several years ago as a demo for the big animal sculpture class. This year he got a makeover.
This is the bunny head that was my demo for the class this year.

Blowing it up in Raleigh and Clayton.

I have been painting up a storm in the studio lately, on canvas and on the panels I made from salvaged wood. The paint is building up nice and thick on the little owl. The Piranha is just getting going. Here is the Big Daddy Owl I am working on. It's changed a lot already and still has more changes to go through.
Here I am with my little artist, she has been quite prolific lately with her gouache paintings.
If you get a chance, swing by the Clayton center this month. My wife and I are showing. We were featured in their newspaper.