What's for dinner?

Here I have introduced my new owl painting into the pack. It looks like he's being accepted by the alpha. Monkey boardroom meeting enjoys sharing a wall with the rabbit tv. Bug and slug, though yet unfinished, hold their own with the big boys.

My craziest squirrel painting yet.
Almost done and wondering about their place in the pack.

Little paintings are kept separate from the bigger ones while still in progress for their own safety.

Inspiration from my brain.

This is a commission for longtime Norval collectors Tristan and Andrea in Durham. It's their dog- I'm pretty much done with it, just putting in a few final touches. The lion and the skull are part of a larger series of small paintings I'm working on.
Here is a smaller version of the "Honeymoon in Niagara Falls" painting, this time on canvas instead of reclaimed wood. Texture is building.

A new idea provided to me by my daughter, Ingrid. Welcome to the Slug and Bug series.