Summertime Sizzles - W.I.P.

The beginnings of a new pig painting in the "Entitlement Series". 

Woking title - Big Grab/Power Grab. Pig as oligarch...... 

Ye Olde Squirrel - in progress
 I'm using looser brushwork to describe this squirrel's frenzied attitude. This squirrel is ready to chew through some patio furniture.
Sun Rhino - catching the rays.  This pretty much sums up summer to me.  This painting is still in progress, but just a few more details are needed.    

Large grid painting about 70% completed...
This is for my upcoming show in Rocky Mount in Sept.
Although still pretty large, this one is smaller than the HUGE 144 square 6 x 6 ft painting I just finished for the same show. Also the grid has larger squares in this one.  The guinea fowl represents my time in Africa.  Guinea fowl are so fun to watch- though not the most intelligent animals, they sure have personality. 

What's for dinner?

Here I have introduced my new owl painting into the pack. It looks like he's being accepted by the alpha. Monkey boardroom meeting enjoys sharing a wall with the rabbit tv. Bug and slug, though yet unfinished, hold their own with the big boys.

My craziest squirrel painting yet.
Almost done and wondering about their place in the pack.

Little paintings are kept separate from the bigger ones while still in progress for their own safety.