Summertime Sizzles - W.I.P.

The beginnings of a new pig painting in the "Entitlement Series". 

Woking title - Big Grab/Power Grab. Pig as oligarch...... 

Ye Olde Squirrel - in progress
 I'm using looser brushwork to describe this squirrel's frenzied attitude. This squirrel is ready to chew through some patio furniture.
Sun Rhino - catching the rays.  This pretty much sums up summer to me.  This painting is still in progress, but just a few more details are needed.    

Large grid painting about 70% completed...
This is for my upcoming show in Rocky Mount in Sept.
Although still pretty large, this one is smaller than the HUGE 144 square 6 x 6 ft painting I just finished for the same show. Also the grid has larger squares in this one.  The guinea fowl represents my time in Africa.  Guinea fowl are so fun to watch- though not the most intelligent animals, they sure have personality.