What's for dinner?

Here I have introduced my new owl painting into the pack. It looks like he's being accepted by the alpha. Monkey boardroom meeting enjoys sharing a wall with the rabbit tv. Bug and slug, though yet unfinished, hold their own with the big boys.

My craziest squirrel painting yet.
Almost done and wondering about their place in the pack.

Little paintings are kept separate from the bigger ones while still in progress for their own safety.

Blowing it up in Raleigh and Clayton.

I have been painting up a storm in the studio lately, on canvas and on the panels I made from salvaged wood. The paint is building up nice and thick on the little owl. The Piranha is just getting going. Here is the Big Daddy Owl I am working on. It's changed a lot already and still has more changes to go through.
Here I am with my little artist, she has been quite prolific lately with her gouache paintings.
If you get a chance, swing by the Clayton center this month. My wife and I are showing. We were featured in their newspaper.