Gearing up for the


Show at Adam Peele's gallery on Capital Blvd. 

This will be a group show of the Slow Boil art group that I am a member of. 

Lots of new smaller works. 

Some familiar themes. 

Old roots, new growth is a slogan from one of the NC county signs.

I felt it was appropriate. 

Black rhino, pink elephant, the return of the t-Rex, square dog and angry squirrel. 

These are a few of my favorite things. 

Work space, art space. 

Art materials - close up. 

The Great Wall of paint. 

You are now watching Gerbil TV.

Rough beginning of a gerbil on TV. I think he wants out.
A commission I'm working on of someone's cute dog. He's got crazy eyes...
Ladybug and mug, small ones in progress.

Some more small ones I just started...
A tiny quilted grid series in the works.
Seamus looks like he's reaching for the mug sitting on the table.
Another commission just about finised- Angry Squirrel.