Gearing up for the


Show at Adam Peele's gallery on Capital Blvd. 

This will be a group show of the Slow Boil art group that I am a member of. 

Lots of new smaller works. 

Some familiar themes. 

Old roots, new growth is a slogan from one of the NC county signs.

I felt it was appropriate. 

Black rhino, pink elephant, the return of the t-Rex, square dog and angry squirrel. 

These are a few of my favorite things. 

Work space, art space. 

Art materials - close up. 

The Great Wall of paint. 

LA- here we come!

New painting in the works- Donald Trunk. Thanks Lee!
The pile of paint thickens on the palette.........
New small paintings in the works.
Give me my coffee!!!!!!!
Thanks to mega fan Nick Smith. He just bought both paintings- Don't Squeal McNeil, and Wrong on Math Test. I've shipped them to him in LA. Bye paintings- enjoy your new life on the west coast!!