New Owl, Cards, Trash can, and Transit Station!

This is my newest owl painting, just finished yesterday. I started painting this one the day after I had watched a documentary about Paul Klee. Klee has always been an inspiration to me, and studying his work in depth really made me want to paint.

Be on the lookout for our new greeting cards. We had rubber stamps made of some of our images and are using them to create fun cards for any occasion. They are available in our studio, in Artspace's gift shop in the lobby, and soon to be at Designbox. Also, they may appear on etsy evenually.

86 it trash can is complete. Be among the first to use it at Artsplosure downtown this weekend. Oh, and while you're downtown, make sure to visit Artspace studio #220, we'll be there Saturday and Sunday.

What is Ingrid pointing at??? She's looking up to see my art at the brand new Raleigh transit center. It's a pretty spectacular building, worth checking out.
The art they used originally appeared on a CAT bus. They saved the image and had it made into a huge hanging artwork that's visible from the street through the glass.

Mural Completed!

My mural in Artspace's connecting gallery is done! I had a lot of fun with this project. There is definitely something gratifying about working on such a large scale. Come by and see it!